About us

We are a small charity highly motivated in seeking to relieve poverty among people who are homeless and those at risk of being homeless. To this aim we offer shelter during the cold months accompanied by professional casework offering guidance, advice and support.

The charity was formed in 2010 after the first Haringey Winter Shelter in 2009 proved such a success. Taking place across 16 venues in two boroughs, we have attracted over 500 volunteers across the venues. We have a Christian ethos but welcome volunteers and guests people who suffer from homelessness and access our shelters) from all faiths and none. Many volunteers are not churchgoers, but people from the community who want to help. We are a truly inclusive charity for whom equality is paramount and treating all people with equal dignity and respect is at the core of all we do.

Our Professional Casework offer for guests:     
We only work with guests; people who are accepted into our shelter. Casework takes place during the daytime, operating usually four or five afternoons a week, (this is dependent on funding). One of our guests (BD) said that we ‘Offered a light at the end of the tunnel’. From this we developed the ‘Project Light’. employ former guests who are now stable and healed and want to give back to others facing what might have been the most difficult time in their lives. Trustees manage this provision and ensure that all our stringent rules and conditions are met. Guests are accepted after a robust referral and risk assessment process.

  • Referral Process: We undertake a referrals from a small group of recognised agencies across Haringey and Enfield. Occasionally, we make take a self-referral from someone who is homeless and cannot obtain help, sadly this is not too uncommon. We use a suite of four forms and require identification to be sent to us via our dedicated referral email address. All referrals are assessed against our criteria for accepting guests with low needs.If the person is assessed as suitable, we offer an appointment to further assess suitability for the shelter and to explain the shelter rules.
  • Guest Agreement: All guests sign a guests agreement which states that they will have an initial stay for up to 28 days and complete a Pathway Plan with a case worker. This is reviewed every two weeks. Failure to comply with the agreement or Pathway Plan will result in a loss of their place in the shelter. Guests are accepted into the shelter the same day these documents are completed.
  • Pathway Plan: The Pathway Plan is key to progressing and monitoring guests. Guests self-determine their top three or four goals and and the case worker states which agency can help with attaining the goals. Goals are typically about assisting with finding accommodation, immigration, benefits and employment.

If guests comply with the rules laid out in the Guest Agreement and comply with seeking to fulfill their goals in the Pathway Plan they can stay can be extended until positive outcomes are achieved. We changes in benefits and eligibility for accommodation it is increasingly difficult to help guests move on and some stay for the three month duration of the shelter. We do not believe in recycling guests around different shelters just to bolster our statistics as this does not ease the guests’ situation and often hinders it.

W do not take people with a history of violence, sex offenders, paedophiles, current additions (managed reduction on Methadone is accepted), arsonists or higher level or unmanaged mental health needs. If guests do not declare offences or any bail conditions, they risk immediate eviction.

For more information on the referral process, please email info@allpeopleallplaces.org

Our supporters

In addition to the many hundreds of individuals who make it possible All People All Places would like to thank these organisations, large and small, for their generous support

  • Church Urban Fund
  • Friend at Hand
  • Hornsey Parochial Charities
  • Diocese of London
  • Dunns Bakers
  • Samaritan Trust
  • Souters Charitable Trust
  • Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund
  • Waitrose

For a list of our partner agencies please click here