About us

We are a small charity highly motivated in seeking to relieve poverty among homeless and those at risk of homelessness by providing accommodation, advice and support.

The charity was formed in 2010 after the first Haringey Winter Shelter in 2009 proved such a success. We have attracted over 400 volunteers to help deliver our services drawing our volunteer base from local faith and community group. Though we have a Christian ethos we help clients, and draw our volunteer and staff base from people of all faiths and none. We are a truly inclusive charity for whom equality is paramount and treating all people with equal dignity and respect is at the core of all we do.

While the provision of The Winter Shelter is the core of our activity, All People All Places takes the view that we must make the maximum impact that we can in our interactions with our clients. This is why such effort is put into the referral and advocacy process that we manage for shelter guests.

Presently the shelters are operated in 13 centres throughout the coldest months (December – March) of the year on a peripatetic basis. 2015/16 is the 6th successful year of operation. All People All Places manages the referral process into the shelter and coordinates support and advocacy for the clients aiming to access services and find accommodation. All People All People also runs 3 drop-in centres where clients can access mentoring and befriending, receive health and wellbeing support and signposting to other services.

Pathway Plan
All people All Places works closely with many local, regional and national agencies to ensure we can have the maximum impact of our services for our clients. We work closely with The Local Authority, Housing associations and substance and alcohol misuse agencies in the areas in which we are active. This allows us to deliver a truly client focussed plan to direct our clients from the streets into sustainable accommodation.

Referral Process
We undertake a robust referral process to ensure we accept guests with low support needs who have  a connection to the Borough where the shelters operate (Haringey and Enfield.) The venues are run by volunteers who are well trained but  are not professional staff.  Because of this we cannot take people who present with complex difficulties that volunteers cannot manage.  We accept people who have or do not have recourse to public funds. We do not take self-referrals, all prospective clients must be referred by a recognised referral agency.

For more information on the referral process, please email info@allpeopleallplaces.org

Our supporters

In addition to the many hundreds of individuals who make it possible All People All Places would like to thank these organisations, large and small, for their generous support

  • Church Urban Fund
  • Friend at Hand
  • Hornsey Parochial Society
  • Diocese of London
  • Dunns Bakers
  • Samaritan Trust
  • Souters Charitable Trust
  • Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund
  • Waitrose

For a list of our partner agencies please click here