Get involved

From making up beds, to cooking or simply being a friendly face and and listening ear, we’d love your help. Each shelter takes three shifts and a total of 15 people to cover one session.

6.30pm -9.30/10.00pm Evening Shift
1. Open up and start preparing a hot meal (this might be ordered in or produced off site). Set up tables and chairs, put up and make beds. Check toilets for cleanliness, soap and towels. Check the security of premises regarding doors to be locked or opened
6. 7.15pm The whole team gets together for a briefing. This is a good time to introduce new volunteers.The Shelter Coordinators/ Venue Coordinator will pass on any concerns from the previous night and any necessary information about new guests. Jobs allotted to volunteers.
7. 7.30pm Doors open. Shelter Coordinators/ Venue Coordinator will book guests in for the night. Volunteers show new guests round and serve tea and coffee Around 7.45 volunteers and guests enjoy a hot meal served together. Then its time to wash and tidy up after the meal. Some guest like to take part in social activities e.g. draughts, jigsaws, dominoes, Quiz Night etc. Volunteers meet again for debrief and prepare for handover to overnight volunteers usually by 10.00 pm

9.30/10.00pm – 6.30/7.00am Night Shift
The volunteer members of the night shift arrive, secure the building and make sure everyone is comfortable and settled in for the night. 11pm its lights out. We urge all volunteers to ensure quiet. It is perfectly fine to chat amongst yourselves but remember guests are probably exhausted and need to sleep and many may find it difficult to do so. All guests should adhere to lights out and quiet. There should be a volunteer awake, in case of need. Volunteers usually take turns to be awake for about 2 hours and then they can sleep in a separate room set aside for the volunteers. You may prefer to bring your own sleeping bag but one will be provided if you do not wish to. 6.30am its hand over to the early birds of the Morning shift and make them aware of any concerns.

6.30-8.30am Morning shift
Prepare drinks such as tea and coffee and make breakfast. 7 – 7.30 it’s wake up time for the guests. Breakfast is served. Guests are encouraged to clear up their own bedding. before leaving the premises by 8.30am. The team then wash and tidy up church premises (inc toilets), take bedding away for laundering (or pass on to laundry volunteers) and then secure the building.

If you would like more information about becoming volunteer, please email

Our supporters

In addition to the many hundreds of individuals who make it possible All People All Places would like to thank these organisations, large and small, for their generous support

  • Church Urban Fund
  • Friend at Hand
  • Hornsey Parochial Charities
  • Diocese of London
  • Dunns Bakers
  • Samaritan Trust
  • Souters Charitable Trust
  • Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund
  • Waitrose

For a list of our partner agencies please click here