Our supporters & partners

Church venues provide most of their own resources to run the shelter evenings, nights and mornings. This is an amazing contribution in itself, including costly heating bills every year. In addition, they garner hundreds of volunteers who give of their time and often provide much of the food and other necessities through their own generosity.  The charity will always help with bedding and other supplies where needed and we rely on generous donations and grants for that and for our professional services. We give heartfelt thanks to our supporters who help fund our work and many generous donations  we receive from churches, volunteers and the wider community.

Supporters: We are thankful to our current and past supporters who have made our work and impact with guests possible. These include:


For more information, please email info@allpeopleallplaces.org

If you see someone sleeping rough, you make make a referral to Streetlink via:


If you see someone sleeping rough, they can make their own referral via:


Our supporters

In addition to the many hundreds of individuals who make it possible All People All Places would like to thank these organisations, large and small, for their generous support

  • Church Urban Fund
  • Friend at Hand
  • Hornsey Parochial Charities
  • Diocese of London
  • Dunns Bakers
  • Samaritan Trust
  • Souters Charitable Trust
  • Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund
  • Waitrose

For a list of our partner agencies please click here